Leo Messi NFT collection to be launched on Ethernity Chain on August 20

Massive news from the NFT world: Leo Messi has will release his first non-fungible tokens collection! The Argentinian legend has partnered with the Ethernity Chain platform to launch a futuristic set of collectibles titled “The Messiverse”. This is one of the biggest events in the NFT world and will allow football fans to invest in one of the best players that ever existed.

The launch date was set for August 20, 2021, and you can still pre-register on the Ethernity website.

Messi NFT

Messi decided to collaborate with Australian artist Bosslogic (known for Marvel’s Avengers NFTs) for the future “The Messiverse” NFT collection. “The Messiverse” will initially contain three distinct NFTs, which will be available for football fans and NFT collectors to buy. A fourth NFT is said to be revealed at a later date.

The first piece from the Leo Messi NFT collection will be titled “Man from the Future”, depicting Messi wearing an Iron Man armor suit. The creator said that the idea combines Messi’s timeless football creations with a futuristic, cyberpunk design.

The second NFT from “The Messiverse” shows Messi in the role of Atlas, the titan who in Greek mythology, is portrayed as carrying the world on his shoulders. This is an obvious comparison with Messi being so good that he often carries the whole team forward.

The third non-fungible token will be called “The King Piece”, with Messi being surrounded by chess pieces, lifting his Ballon d’Or trophy. Messi is the king of the game and will be represented as the piece that ultimately determines the fate of a match.

News of “The Messiverse” launch has catapulted Ethernity Chain token (ERN) to a 45% price increase. The ERN token has a total supply of 30 million and will probably see a lot more upwards movement in the coming days, prior to the release.

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