What is Presearch and how to earn crypto from web searches

Ever wondered if there is a worthy alternative to Google? Presearch is trying to build just that. 

Presearch is a decentralized search engine with a focus on privacy and usability. The big advantage they bring is that they reward users with cryptocurrency for every search query. That’s right, you can earn crypto from your web searches. This is a pretty cool concept and also a great use case for blockchain technology – empowering users instead of stakeholders. 

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PRE, the native token, is currently trading at around $0.045, and each search query gets you 0.12 PRE. There is a daily limit of max 30 queries, meaning you can earn up to 3.6 PRE per day. Once you reach 1000 PRE, you can withdraw them to an exchange or wallet.

Each web search can be preconfigured to fetch websites, images, videos, or news. You can also set filters to limit search results based on well-known platforms such as Amazon, Reddit, Twitter, StackExchange, Github, Publish0x, CoinMarketCap, and many more.  

PRE tokens can also be earned as rewards for running a Presearch node. Anyone with extra computing power can earn PRE by installing and running a node. More details on how to become a node operator can be found here

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In addition to rewards for web searches and running a node, Presearch brings another innovative concept: keyword staking. Keyword staking allows token owners to “book” keywords by staking their PRE tokens. Once a keyword was booked, one can then create an ad linked to a specific blog, website, online store, etc. More details on how keyword staking works are available here.

At the moment, this project is quite low-key, with a market cap of around 15 million. In my opinion, Presearch is a really interesting project with huge growth potential. If this catches on a solid user base, or even if it gets launched on a bigger exchange such as Binance, it will explode. It’s definitely something I don’t want to miss out on.  

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